Own your transition!

the first handbook dedicated to helping leaders discover their path to success in life after the military.

“This is the best form of mentorship one leader can offer another as they leave the military”

- Ian Fuller, Major U.S. Army (ret)


Beyond the Military: A Leader’s Handbook for Warrior Reintegration

The market for military transition is flooded with resources that claim to have the “best solution.”  However, existing manuals focus almost exclusively on things like how to translate military skills to civilian work settings, how to create resumes, search for jobs, prepare for job interviews, etc. The central goal of existing transition protocols and resources is to help service members secure employment after military service. Unfortunately, transition from the military is far more complex than simply finding a new job.

Together with co-author Shauna “Doc” Springer Ph.D, we’ve created an integrative strategy for civilian reintegration, continued growth, and lifelong success as a veteran leader in civilian society. Integral to this is guidance to help service members and veterans forge stronger, healthier bonds with the people they care most about through transition and reintegration. 

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Why YOU need THIS book:


This is the first transition resource written specifically for military leaders with 10 or more years of service - it is not a “one size fits all” resource.


We address the deeper psychological, cultural, and relational aspects of modern warrior reintegration.


It is written with the tone and intimacy of a coaching partnership that speaks directly to you, the reader.


It is the first and only handbook that fills the doctrinal void to help leaders guide and mentor other service members through the most difficult part of the military journey - leaving.


 “You guys knocked it out of the park. It’s definitely different than anything I’ve seen”

- Machin McHargue, 21 Year Army Veteran


Leveraging the perspectives of a retired battalion commander with two military transition experiences and a psychologist with over 20 years’ experience serving the veteran community, Beyond the Military: A Leader’s Handbook for Warrior Reintegration is a comprehensive resource that applies a proven and familiar problem-solving approach that addresses the inherent anxiety that comes from military transition and reintegration. The book outlines an innovative program called the the Military Transition and Reintegration Process (MTRP) and is packed with more than 30 innovative and impactful exercises designed to address the identity crisis, inspire self-reflection, and discover the best path for success and happiness in life beyond the military.

By empowering leaders from the military community to own their transition, Beyond the Military: A Leader’s Handbook for Warrior Reintegration will fundamentally disrupt how service members successfully complete military transition and civilian reintegration.

It’s time for you to discover your path to a more personal and professional fulfilment beyond the military.

Are you ready?


Bulk discounts available on orders of 10 of more to organizations that want to leverage the power of MTRP as part of their veteran transition program.