Become the leader you were meant to be.


When considering the best strategy to take your leadership potential to the next level, why choose between executive coaching, leadership education, or finding the right mentor when you could have all three? The Coach-Teach-Mentor Program combines self-awareness, guided learning, and perspective for a comprehensive approach to YOUR leadership growth and executive development.

This program includes three essential elements for your personal and professional growth:

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2 one-on-one coaching sessions over 6 months (2 sessions per month) conducted in an online meeting room and a 360 degree leadership assessment (Energy Leadership or EQi-2.0)


Materials, references, and exercises before and between sessions to increase knowledge and skill in the psychology of leadership and high performance teams.


Application of the Coach-Teach-Mentor approach and Virtual Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring between sessions. 


This program model is a framework, the exact description and layout for executive coaching and leadership development will be tailored to the specific learning objectives and goals of the client. Together, we will build a plan that meets your development objectives.

He demonstrated how I can best exploit my strengths to become more successful.
— Clint Lowe, Product Development Manager, Carrier Corporation
Military leaders can become executive leaders; they just need to learn how to repurpose their skills and strengths to lead and mobilize effective corporate teams through coaching.
Being a leader is more than just directing others - it's about sharing guidance and support, it's about invoking empowerment and confidence, it's about growing together and succeeding!
Executive Coaching begins with the realization that change needs to occur - in you, your organization, your team, and how things are done. This is never more true than with veteran leaders transitioning to a civilian career in an executive management role.