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After decades of military service, you have gotten so used to being a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine that you don't know how to be anything else. Much of our trepidation about leaving the military stems from the fear that we won't know who we are once we remove the uniform. The uniform offered a sense of purpose. It validated our sense of self-worth. We did the hard work to make ourselves worthy of belonging to something greater than ourselves, and now, we are terrified of becoming ordinary.

The Identity Crisis is the greatest challenge to military transition and civilian reintegration for leaders with more than 10 years of active duty service, therefore knowing your values (the WHO) and your purpose (the WHY) before you start looking for a new career will make the difference between securing a paycheck and discovering a path for meaningful leadership opportunities beyond the military.

Connecting with and hiring Jason Roncoroni to help me prepare for transitioning from military service was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
— Jared Wilson, LTC, U.S. Army
Find a job isn't hard. Find the RIGHT job is hard! Ordinary Hero Coaching helps you unlock your true potential to succeed in a leadership role and have a fulfilling civilian career.

Imagine a more meaningful leadership opportunity beyond the military.

Using Beyond the Military: A Leader’s Handbook for Warrior Reintegration, this coaching partnership includes: 

  • 12 coaching sessions over 6 months (2 sessions per month).

  • 14 exercises to facilitate learning and self-discovery.

  • 360-degree energy leadership assessment.

  • Virtual Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring between sessions.  


This program applies the Military Transition and Reintegration Process (MTRP) - an innovative application of the Military Decision Making Process. It is the most comprehensive, personalized, and evolutionary approach for transition designed specifically for military leaders. It covers 6 core factors for a successful transition including whole health, socialization, cultural assimilation, professional preparedness, economic stability, and family adjustment. 

Over a six-month program, Jason was able to re-instill the confidence I had when I was in the Army and showed me how to call upon the experiences that I gained while in the service.
— Neil Casey, Supply Chain Professional

The military is not your end state. It is just one more experience along your journey to grow into the man or woman you were meant to be. Better things await you in life beyond the military. Be authentic because you are worth it. The greatest gift you have to offer society is yourself. Step into vulnerability with confidence and intention. Your journey as an ordinary hero is just beginning.

1 Discover Your Purpose - Find the WHY Re-call to Service
Identify the Most Rewarding Aspects of Military Service
Writing Your Purpose Statement
2 Discover your Core Values - Analyze the WHO Values Algebra
3 360 Degree Leadership Assessment and Debrief Energy Leadership Index - 360 Degree Debrief or Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi-2.0)
4 Understand the Transition Environment
Setting Intentions
Calling Out the Fear
Shifting Intentions from NEED to WANT
5 Review Intrinsic Strengths The Military Leader Intrinsic Strengths Finder
6 Limiting and Empowering Beliefs Identify Your Limiting and Empowering Beliefs
7 Identify Common Factors Common Factors and Transition Assumptions
8 MTRP Action Plans MTRP Action Plan - Building Your Bridge
9 Family Information Requirements Determine Family Information Requirements
10 Build Your Networking Strategy Develop Your Networking Collection Plan
11 Military Transition and Reintegration Timeline Develop Your Transition and Reintegration Timeline
12 Writing Your Statement of Intent Write the Statement of Intent for the Second Half of Your Life
Jason helped me discover my identity without the uniform, my core values, my purpose (my ‘why’), and my dream life. We then developed an action plan to create that life. Jason has a framework that works and has exceptional coaching skills to adjust that framework based on the needs of the client.
— Matt Rasmussen, Col. U.S. Army