When you leave the military, you return to a "normal" life, but it's not always that easy. I am here to assist veterans to adjust socially, find their passion, and discover a new normal, because I believe that your story after the military has the potential to have a greater impact than anything you ever did while in the military.

Leaders matter. Veterans have the wisdom, experience, and potential to lead empowering lives through transition and beyond. Let me help you choose something better.


My Mission:


Most combat veterans fear military transition more than they fear the possibility of another deployment.


Your strength:


Veteran leaders have the potential to excel in a successful corporate management role. Learn how to tap into your core potential to repurpose your military experience into new opportunities


our Goal:


Success is more than your military ranking and making money. It's about discovering your passion and embracing civilian life.


he·ro (n)


 one who does not recognize such declarations bestowed upon them by others and accomplishes an act or acts which are deemed extraordinary and exceeds the call of duty.

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The reason 2 out of 3 new veteran hires leave their jobs is because they don't know what they are looking for. Finding the right career begins by looking withIN to discover your passion and unique purpose before heading OUT to find the next job.

Remember, when you leave the military, you are not trying to find a new job, you are trying to find a new life.



Veteran-owned small business today

And they employ 5.8M Americans generating over $1 trillion in revenue! Veterans make great leaders and entrepreneurs yet we fail to repurpose their unique potential in a corporate role.

I am here to help you strategize the tactics for a successful career search as an accomplished military leader and visionary business executive.



of Veterans are underemployed.

This is a rate of 15.6 percent higher than non-veteran job seekers. Too many veterans settle for job at the expense of discovering their best opportunity in life beyond the military.

Mismatched skills and continuous rejection can take it's toll on an individual, but coaching can help align your unique expertise to your goals.



Client Testimonial

Jason has been a pivotal mentor and coach in my career and life. His unmatched ability to develop and cultivate leadership skills were evidenced in the results he helped others achieve both professionally and personally.
— Christian Lee, Lieutenant Colonel